The Latest Rumors about Playstation4 are certainly interesting  , we received them couple days ago and here they are for you :

– Ps4 will get an interesting feature that will allow the player to pause the game and jump to the Main menu (XMB if you want ) and start another application like video chat – PSN titles like dead nation…etc the best part is that the player will be able to pause more than 1 game/app and send them to the background

– the web browser in PS4 will be improved to the point of playing web-games like farmville …etc and it will support 1080p Youtube videos

– the OS of PS4 might be a specially designed version  of Android OS and it will support voice orders and voice typing for messages , the point of this move is to launch PS4 with a future model of Sony bravia that support multi-touch screen and some PS4 titles will be touch only

–  PS4 will play Blu-ray 200GB discs for movies only , these discs will be played on a 16x BD reader while games will get to 100GB discs only

– one of the selling points of ps4 is that it will include a small detachable hardware that doubles as an android device with 3g connection , this device will carry ps4 games and psn titles on the road , the screen size will be as big as the one in iphone4

this is a rumor and we need to wait for sony to officially confirm it