Sexy puzzle game Catherine is being almost universally lambasted for being of the “sadistically difficult” school of game design, to the extent where many players report not even being able to clear it on easy, let alone normal.


some of the comments from gamers are:

“It’s addictive but very stressful. You only have a limited number of retries, but the puzzle gameplay can hook you.

However, losing all your lives and seeing the Game Over screen over and over, and being dumped back to the title screen and having to reload the game and rewatch/skip all the events is seriously tedious.

Why they limited the retries when you are just forced to reload it all and start over is the real puzzle in this game.”

“This is only for the hardcore. Be prepared if you buy it.”

“It has multiple endings but it’s a puzzle game and is so difficult I really wouldn’t want to play it through again.”

“Most of it is the puzzle parts, and they are fiendishly hard.”

“The action parts certainly are difficult. But I can’t help but think they are unnecessarily brutal…”

“They should have added some kind of relief for light gamers…”

“You certainly get a sense of accomplishment from beating something this difficult.”

“It’s too hard even on easy. I made the mistake of starting on normal and I got stuck later as I could get no further.”

“It is certainly so hard it may break you. But if you stick at it you may be able to clear it, I think!”