This Year we had a lot of blockbuster titles as well as new excellent IPs ofcourse everyone of us picked his own favorite characters however most people forgot about the underrated characters in some famous games and unknown ones so did you pick you own favorite underrated character of 2010 ?? if you didn’t this list will help you hopefully




5 – Sazh Katzroy – FF13

this guy is without a doubt the best thing in FF13 his voice acting and the character all together is amazing , he suffered the capture of his son and traveled with the person who led the government to capture his son not to mention going nearly mental in the game from all the crap he saw .


4 – Rico Rodriguez – Just Cause 2

this guy kicked ass since he was 18 and took on military forces by himself and in an open world game and that is rare in video games world .


3- Bad Company 2 Gang – BF:BC2

Bad company 2 gave us the best gang of characters together in one game hanging to last breath to get what they wanted , The best part about this gang is the jokes and feeling you get of fighting side by side with real friends with real comments on what’s going on in the war zone unlike COD games wich has almost the same conversation during any gun fight .


2- Nier – Nier

This man gave everything in his world to save his daughter from the Shadow Lord who looks like a negative copy of Nier and how much did he suffer from traveling around the world to find any clues on his daughter’s location then finally he gets to save her but he receives a terrible news from his own daughter that he Nier is nothing but a shadow taking a human form and her real father is the shadow Lord but he lost his human form after a curse casted on some guilty humans .


1 – Scott Shelby – Heavy Rain

From the moment i played HR i loved Shelby’s character and his amazing voice acting not to mention his facial expressions in the game are beyond amazing , His character is in the beginning i’ll admit came outta nowhere but later on he discover his tricks and mind games that he played on everybody for sometime and the pain he had from killing every child in the game for the sake of getting his own emotional revenge on his dead father who caused Shelby his sadness when he was a kid so Shelby gets the top of my list because of complexed character that seems normal to you most of the game until the last part of the story where you meet his mother !!!