if you’r a WWE fan and a blu-ray owner you’ll be happy with this purchase

the show:
this even is one of the most superb events in the WM history as many stars gave out a lot to show you their talent not to mention the lovely weather in the first quarter of the show and kim kardeshan , also the hall of fame add a little more to the fun but if you have a 4hrs spare time then why not watchin’ it and enjoy the rock’s jokes on everybody

rating: 4.5/5

picture quality:
as i watch the whole event the PQ was going up and down at some scenes ((snoop dogg interview was almost like a dvd)) but there’s moments where the show reached 40mbps , on a vc-1 codec that a lot , what i was waiting for is the real challenge for this BD PQ to show it’s power and i was kinda dissapointed , it was KANE + UNDERTAKER ‘s entrances wich has almost a one color range that dominate everything around killing a lot of details even on the superstars bodies so when kane won his short match and the red lights came down the pictur turned more blurry and kane almost dissappeared in the red while some details on the face & chest were almost visible the rest was covered in red lights , i’m not slamming the PQ since it’s a scene with a lot of red+smoke but EDGE’s entrance was much more covered in smoke and i still saw a lot of edge’s custom details also the same thing go for the undertaker’s entrance with the strong blue lights but when UT reached the ring he was covered in blue and you could only see his head and hand wich was so close to the camera , all in all the PQ is fairly amazing in a lot of moments but it could’nt be a superb BD picture

rating 3.5/5

audio quality:

the sound is going on 5.1 surround channel locked at 48kh 640kbps wich’s a dvd sound , not a lot to say here but the crowd screams can make you hear screatching noises sometime and you won’t worry about it if you have a normal sound system


not a lot but the hall of fame 4hrs cermony and the 24 battle royal match


Overall rating:

the main show is superb but the PQ/SQ can’t make up for it and you should’nt worry about it much since you’ll enjoy it anyway ((playboy match is recommended 😛 )) , the 2nd disc of extras could be a lot more fun if they but clips from the WWE stars showing up on other tv shows promoting the event but they choosed to feuatre the HOF cermony for the sake of rick flair’s legendary carrer

here’s some off-screen shot to help you make up your mind about it

 by kingx11 : 05-24-2008