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The adult zombie slashing action game was released in japan 3 days ago 


here are the 1st and 2nd boss battles




Here’s the 1st 35 minutes of call of duty MW3


Here’s the unboxing of Rage with the install size for PS3 version


Here’s how to beat the Silver pig in the upcoming Dark Souls


The upcoming sequel for demon’s soul limited edition unboxing


Something to gear you up for GOW3 release


Tales of Xillia got a lovely ps3 edition for it’s 15th anniversary , here’s the unboxing video


Here’s a video of the unboxing of the official GOW3 disc and guess what there’s a 3d support


Dead Island

Here’s the 1st 15 minutes of the much anticipated Zombie survival game


Deus Ex human revolution just came out this week and it looks like somebody in the development team is a fan of 4chan or maybe a member of the famous site ( anonymous x ?? )